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Workshop A : TBA
Workshop B : TBA

Price: £TBA per person (50% charity)


  • Shoot on location at the Hacienda, London’s most beautiful Lifestyle studio
  • Learn to work with available light and very shallow depth of field
  • Enhance the ambient light with simple but highly effective modifiers
  • Gain valuable experience working with a professional model on location
  • Work as a group and individually to create beautiful and unique images


Master the techniques of shooting lifestyle images at one of London’s top studio locations, The Hacienda. Working with model Ayla and commercial photographer Dan Tidswell we will take you through the process of creating outstanding images worthy of your portfolio.

On this workshop we will be shooting at extremely large apertures to create images with a shallow depth of field and beautiful bokeh that exemplifies the quintessential lifestyle image.

Using a combination of natural light, reflectors and some clever props we’ll be exploring the studio and creating natural sets to ensure our images stand out from the crowd.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is aimed at pro-am and established photographers looking to expand their skillset whilst producing beautiful images at a character studio location. We will be using prime lenses and high ISO to generate images with a unique beauty used the world over in advertising and editorial scenarios.

The Hacienda

One of the most beautiful locations in London the Hacienda is perfect for lifestyle photography and we’ll be taking full advantage of it’s many spaces to create multi-layered sets that pace our model well and truly in the scene.


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    Meet The Team

    Dan Tidswell

    Dan Tidswell

    Commercial Photographer

    Dan is a commercial photographer with experience teaching workshops in Europe, Iceland and the USA. The Hacienda is his home from home when he is working in London




    Professional Model

    Ayla is an outstanding model with a proven track record of helping to craft award winning images the world over. She is a resident model at The Hacienda and all round star