Date: TBA

Time: 10am – 1pm

Location: The Loft Studio, Colchester

Price: £50 per person

Max. participants: 8

Audience: Amateur and pro photographers


Set up Lightroom like a pro

Understand the interface and learn time-saving shortcuts

Create catalogues and optimise their settings

Master importing, renaming and rating your images

Make non-destructive edits and revisions

Export images for web, social media and print

Lightroom Foundations workshop

Lightroom is a powerful tool that can help you manage your entire image collection.

In this workshop I’ll walk you through the foundations of setting up Lightroom like a pro, developing good habits that will save you time as your image collection grows.

After the initial setup we’ll tour the interface together before taking a deep dive into Lightroom’s Library and Develop modules; understanding these core elements will set the foundation of your Lightroom success.

We’ll cover vital topics including backup strategies, workflow optimisation and how to output images for web, social media and print.


About Dan

I have worked as a commercial photographer, image retoucher and trainer for more than 10 years, specialising in beauty, fashion, portraiture and product photography.

Since its introduction in 2006 Lightroom has completely transformed my workflow, allowing me to take control of the thousands of images that I shoot for work and pleasure each year.

Using Lightroom I am able to efficiently sort, edit and output high-quality images to my clients in a fraction of the time traditionally required, and I look forward to sharing my core techniques with you during this workshop.

Workshop requirements

To participate in this workshop you will need a laptop pre-installed with Lightroom version 5 or newer.

If you don’t already have Lightroom you can get a free 30 day trial of Adobe Creative Cloud by clicking here.

We’ll be creating a brand new catalog for this workshop and a full set of sample images are provided.


  • 09.45am – Tea and coffee / warm up your laptops
  • 10.00am – Creating a new Catalog, where to store your images, how to backup
  • 10.30am – Importing and renaming images and folders
  • 10.45am – The Library module, the foundation of Lightroom
  • 11.15am – Rating, comparing and culling images
  • 11.45am – Tea and coffee break
  • 12.00pm – The Develop module overview
  • 12.15pm – Making basic adjustments
  • 12.30pm – Making advanced adjustments
  • 12.45pm – Exporting your images for web, social media and print
  • 13.00pm – Tea and coffee / Questions and Answers
  • 13.15pm – Workshop ends

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