Photography Workshops


Shooting in another country can take your work to a level that simply can’t be achieved in the studio. The challenges of photography on a busy city street abound – there’s the weather to contend with, the traffic, tourists, and even the police. You may not speak the language, and in the midst of it all you need to manage a team comprising models, a hair stylist, makeup artist and stylist.

I absolutely love shooting abroad. Every city has a unique and readily identifiable aesthetic that you can tap into, and to which your audience will instantly respond. Despite the many challenges, the experience of photography in a city like Paris or New York is invaluable. Not only will you refine your skills, but also your portfolio will clearly stand out from the pack. It’s something that most photographers can only aspire to.

I currently run workshops in Paris, Venice, New York and London. I have an expert team and each workshop is tailored to the experience level of the group. We typically spend 2 days on fashion street photography, using the iconic architecture and distinctive ambience to create truly stunning images.