TF Frequently Asked Questions

This is a compilation of frequently asked questions that models have asked me. Let me know if there is something missing and I’ll add it to the list.

Can I have your contact details?

Sure, please add them to your phone, it makes life much easier when meeting up.

Dan Tidswell | 07880-903889 |

The Loft Stidio | 26B Hythe Quay | Colchester | Essex | CO2 8JB

How do I get to your studio?

The nearest train station is ‘Colchester Hythe Station’, it’s literally 100 meters from the studio door. However trains to Hythe are not very frequent and require a change so it’s often quicker to go to ‘Colchester North Station’ (50 minutes from London Liverpool Street) and then give me a call for a pickup, it’s only 10 minutes by car.

If you’re driving please download and print this map, it’s shows you exactly where the studio is located and where all of the free parking spaces are.

When do you shoot?

I prefer to shoot during the week but I can make weekends work too.

Will you pay me?

No, I only work TFP unless it’s a commercial shoot where I’m being paid too.

However when I get booked for paid work I always pay my models on the day, and I only book models that I’ve already worked with.

Where do you shoot?

I have my own managed studio in Colchester, it’s called The Loft and you can check it out by clicking here. The studio T&C’s are here.

I also shoot on location in the UK, Europe and the US.

How long is a shoot?

Usually a shoot lasts from 3 to 5 hours including regular breaks and time to review the images.

Will you feed me?

Of course! There is a great sandwich shop right across the street and a Tesco with Costa just around the corner. The fridge is stocked with water, Coke and chocolate, the diet of champions 🙂

Do you pay travel costs?

I generally expect models to make there own way to my studio, I cover the studio fees, provide all of the equipment and lunch.

How do you run the shoot?

In a word – relaxed. I usually have a plan  but I like to keep things loose and if we come up with a better idea on the day we’ll run with it. I shoot tethered to a big screen so you can see every shot as it’s taken, this lets you, the MUA and the hairstylist see exactly what’s going on and we can adjust to make things perfect.

There is always music playing. Need a break? No problem. Not happy with the outfit or pose? Let’s change things up!

What should I bring?

Most models bring a roller case with make-up, a couple of pairs of heels, some fashionable items that they like and a few bits of jewellery. If we’re shooting something specific then I’ll discuss it with you well ahead of the shoot.

I have an idea that I would like to try

I want to hear all about it. Feel free to get in touch and send me images that inspire you, I can then figure out the necessary lighting, props and location to make it happen. My email is

What about makeup?

I’m lucky enough to work with several makeup artists, unfortunately they can’t always make it to every shoot so I always ask models to bring their own hair and makeup accessories just in case the MUA isn’t available on the day. If you want to bring your own HMUA or stylist that’s totally fine too.

Can I meet you pre-shoot?

Absolutely and I prefer this where possible. We can sit down, drink coffee and go over some ideas.

What is your photographic style?

I’m interested in shooting hi-end beautifully retouched pictures. I’m happy to shoot all day to get that one image that will take the viewer’s breath away.

What do I get from the shoot?

Once the shoot is complete we will sit down and refine all of the images down to the best 5 or 6 pictures. I’ll then spend as a long as necessary retouching each of them, usually 2 to 5 hours each, to ensure that they look amazing. I’ll then send you a full hi-resolution copy of the images to use in your portfolio.

It may take several weeks to get all of those images fully retouched, but it’s usually quicker and I’ll give you samples to take away on the day of the shoot. It really all comes down to how much commercial work I have booked in – I have to put my paid work ahead of TF as it’s what pays the bills.

Can I have a copy of all of the images?

No, I only supply images that are fully retouched by me, and never more than 5 or 6. This is all about maintaining quality, which I hope is the reason that you want to work with me in the first place!

Do you sell the images that you shoot?

If an opportunity to sell an image that you’re in comes up I’ll contact you and ask you before I do anything. If you agree and I sell the image(s), I’ll split the profit equally between the people that were involved in the shoot (me, you and the HMUA).

Do you have Wifi?

The studio has great wifi and you’re very welcome to use it.

Anything else I should know?



It’s really annoying when a model doesn’t show up. I put a huge amount of preparation into my shoots and often have an MUA working for free too, if the model doesn’t show up it’s a terrible waste of productive time for both of us.  If you can’t make a shoot please give me as much notice as possible so that I can find a replacement model.

Accurate stats and current images

Please make sure that the stats on your profile page are accurate. Many of the images I shoot depend on those details! If you arrive and you’re significantly taller,shorter,heavier or lighter it can ruin the shoot as the outfit or props that I’ve planned won’t fit.

Top Tip: Awesome models have images showing their current hair colour and length, tattoo’s, piercing etc.

When I look at a model’s profile I’m always interested to see a full length front and side image that shows your actual body shape shape,  side-on and head-shot.


I don’t work with chaperones. If you’re nervous about working with a me then ask to meet pre-shoot, also be sure to check out my feedback, and my TAGS on ModelMayhem here and PurplePort here. I strongly advise all models to check-out photographers before working with them, it’s a good idea to privately contact some references and ask them about their experience. I’ve heard horror stories about the treatment of models, most photographers are professionals but there are some weird people out there, do your homework and stay safe!


There is a rumour that models bringing chocolate to the shoot receive special treatment, this may or may not be true 🙂