One to One


Professional model photography tuition at The Loft Studio and on location.

Learn a full workflow including Planning Photography Lightroom Photoshop and how to make the most of your work
May 22, 2021
121 Photoshop

1-2-1 Photoshop Training for Model photographers beginner to advanced

May 18, 2021
121 Lightroom

Learn Lightroom for Model Photographers. Advanced workflow for...

April 12, 2021
121 Ballet

Shoot location ballet photography in London with One-To-One tuition

April 12, 2021
121 Portraiture

Shoot and edit model portraiture at The Loft studio with One-To-One tuition

April 10, 2021
121 Fashion

Shoot and edit model fashion photography with One-To-One tuition

Keeping it Fresh

I'll be adding a fun new 1-2-1 options each month to develop your skills and keep the creative vibes flowing.

If you have a something special that you would like to learn 1-2-1, either at The Loft or on location let me know. I'm very open to new ideas and love  to work on new concepts.
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I've trained with lots of pros, but Dan takes everything to the next level. My mind is continually blown with the depth of his knowledge. When I die I want to come back as Dan!

Stuart Ridgley

Dan is a tour de force when it comes to photography tuition. His input has accelerated my photography career to levels I could not have imagined.

Duncan Jobson

One-to-One tuition is  the fastest way to improve all aspects of your photography skillset. Dan has made this process into a super fun learning experience 

Dr Mike Rowley

Training with Dan is the best day out ever for a photographer. He takes care of everything so that I can concentrate on shooting and editing amazing images 10/10  

Pak Lam

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