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Fashion Photography Tuition

Shoot and edit model fashion/editorial photography at The Loft studio with One-To-One Fashion Photography Tuition with Dan Tidswell.

We will spend 4 hours working with an experienced model to shoot a range of looks using both natural light and studio strobes. Taking inspiration from a moodboard created just for this 1-2-1 training we'll create unique images for your portfolio.

After lunch we'll harness Lightroom to organise and prepare your images before deep diving into Photoshop to retouching your images like a pro.

On completion of the day you can expect to leave with a series of beautifully retouched images for your portfolio, as well as a stack of ready to edit images ideal for you to work on using your new post-production skills.


Starting with a simple natural light setup we will explore different camera settings, lens choice and lighting modifiers to shoot a verity of Fashion Photography Tuition images for you portfolio.

After an outfit and makeup change we'll switch to studio strobes, building upon your new skills to setup a complex multi-light shoot whilst controlling every aspect of the light.
Natural light
Studio strobes
Model interaction
Lens selection
Camera configuration
  • Editorial Fashion The Loft Studio
  • Lightroom training


My Fashion photography tuition relies on an optimised Lightroom workflow to make organise your images. We'll import, organise, rate and prepare your images for advanced editing with Photoshop.
Lightroom workflow
Import and organisation
Culling and rating images
Preparing images for Photoshop editing
Exporting setting for target platforms


Photoshop is a complex and intimidating application, but with my optimised workflow you will learn how to approach any image retouching task.

Using my custom Actions & Brushes we will retouch a selection of your images from start to finish. Leaning how to evaluate each image to aid in the most efficient retouching workflow possible. 
Photoshop workflow
Skin retouching
Hair retouching
Eye retouching
Custom Actions
Custom Brushes


Package options

Fashion Photography Tuition

All of the packages include exclusive use of The Loft Studio, Model fees, a professional Makeup artist and 1-2-1 Tuition 


4 hours of 1-2-1 Photography


Includes Studio
Includes Model
Includes MUA
1-2-1 Photography


8 hours of 1-2-1 Tuition


Includes Studio
Includes Model
Includes MUA
Includes Lunch
1-2-1 Photography
1-2-1 Lightroom
1-2-1 Photoshop


8 hours of 1-2-1 Photography


Includes Studio
Includes Model
Includes MUA
Includes Lunch
1-2-1 Photography

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